The Brand Impact Awards are judged in two distinct streams – Branding Programmes and Branded Campaigns – and according to sector, with 27 different categories including fashion, sport, entertainment, culture and not-for-profit. Work is judged within the category that it was designed for, alongside other pieces of that nature, and as such gives standout work in traditionally conservative fields a chance to shine.
The panel will be looking for consistent quality of concept, design and execution across a number of touchpoints of a brand. The entries will need to meet three main criteria: 

- A strong, compelling concept that's appropriate for the client
- Beautiful and consistent execution across two or more brand touchpoints
​- Branding that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its market sector

We have three different tiers of accolade:

Recognises great work
Rewards excellent work
Rewards exceptional work
Gold and Silver Award winners will be given trophies, all other projects that are featured on the published shortlist are Bronze Award winners. As in previous years, categories in which no projects meet the standard of a Bronze Award will be cut altogether.

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