The Brand Impact Awards are judged in two distinct streams – Branding Programmes and Branded Campaigns – and according to sector, with 24 different categories including fashion, sport, entertainment, culture and not-for-profit. This means that the work will be judged within the category that it was designed for, alongside other pieces of that nature, and gives standout work in traditionally conservative fields a chance to shine.
The panel will be looking for consistent quality of concept, design and execution across a number of touchpoints of a brand. The entries will need to meet three main criteria: 

- A strong, compelling concept that's appropriate for the client
- Beautiful and consistent execution across two or more brand touchpoints
​- Branding that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its market sector
The Brand Impact Awards will also acknowledge two special awards, the winners of which will be selected by the judges: 
The Social Impact Award is designed to reward the positive influence that a piece of branding can have — in other words, how design can make a real difference to the world. 
The Collaboration Award acknowledges the fact that the best branding solutions are often born out of fruitful collaborations — with craft specialists, other agencies, the client, or even the general public.

What makes the BIAs different? 

Projects are judged by market sector, so your work is put in the context for which it was designed.
As well as branding from the ground up, we also accept campaigns that extend or enhance existing brands.
Judges will be looking for consistent quality of idea and execution across two or more brand touchpoints.